TPU Halcón Canopy Light (w-VTX)(BLACK)


A lightweight optimised version of the original Halcón canopy made with flexible TPU. Designed for use with Toothpick/Ultralight class frames, like our Kestrel frame, along with the Runcam Nano 2 (14mmx14mm).

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A TPU version of our optimised Halcón Canopy Light. It has mounting holes to fit on any Toothpick/Ultralight build with standard whoop board mounting, also with holes to mount the Runcam Nano 2 (14mmx14mm). This version comes with a mounting arrangement on the rear to provide support for a VTX antenna, guiding it clear of the prop line.

Material: TPU

(Kestrel frame in product image is not included)

(Shipping will be by Royal Mail second class small parcel)


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